A heavy-duty, multi-layered system, featuring a durable HDPE outer jacket, for the protection of wood, concrete & steel piles that are round, square or hexagonal in shape.

Surface Preparation

  • Dry Abrasive Blast Cleaning Not Essential
  • Hand Tool Cleaning


This extremely popular and time-proven system, which can be applied both above and below water, offers robust protection to marine structures that are exposed to the corrosive conditions found in splash zone, inter-tidal and subsea environments.

The SeaShield 2000FD System comprises a layer of Denso Paste S105 followed by a layer of Denso Marine Piling Tape and an outer HDPE jacket.


  • Suitable for use in marine splash zone areas
  • Suitable for use in immersed marine conditions
  • Suitable for use on circular, square and hexagonal piles
  • Highly resistant to UV radiation
Technical Data Sheet

Denso Marine Piling Tape

Denso Paste S105

SeaShield 2000FD Jacket

Application Instructions

SeaShield 2000FD [Hydraulics]

SeaShield 2000FD [Clamping Tool]

SeaShield 2000FD – Square/Hexagonal Piles [Hydraulics]

SeaShield 2000FD – Square/Hexagonal Piles [Clamping Tool]

SeaShield 2000FD – 2 Jackets [Hydraulics]

SeaShield 2000FD – 2 Jackets [Clamping Tool]

SeaShield 2000FD – Raker Piles

SeaShield 2000FD – Anode Bracket Wrapping [Hydraulics]

SeaShield 2000FD – Anode Bracket Wrapping [Clamping Tool]

SeaShield 2000FD – Hydraulic Tensioning Equipment

SeaShield 2000FD – Clamping Tool


WCD SeaShield Systems

  • SeaShield Inspection Port

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