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In-Situ Machining

In-Situ Machining Solutions is Malaysia's leading provider of on site machining services for construction, maintenance and emergency repairs.

In-Situ Machining is the machining process that can be performed on site. Unlike conventional machining processes, In-Situ machining requires the portable machining equipment to be mounted onto the object (that needs to be machined).

Cutting and bevelling

In-line boring

X-Y milling

RTJ groove machining


Flange re-surfacing


  • Flange re-surfacing on gasket seating surface or even bolt face, up to 4 meters turning capacity.
  • Pipe cold cutting and bevelling up to 36” NPS.
  • Boring of holes or in-line precision boring up to 24” ID.
  • Drilling e.g. jammed stud removal, drilling of new bolt holes, up to 100mm diameter (max).
  • Damaged thread re-tapping.
  • XY milling on pump, motor or equipment sitting support base plate.
  • Single axis milling for heat exchanger partition groove or partition plate.
  • Flange nut seating spot facing.


  • High competency technicians and quality assurance.
  • Comprehensive on-site machining technical know-how that meets the various on-site machining requirements.
  • Competent trouble-shooting skills.
  • Solution focused.
  • Fast response time.


  • Allows plant equipment to be machined on site.
  • Best for welded flange and valve.
  • Reduces downtime and material replacement, transportation, logistics and labor costs.
  • The customer is in complete control of the processes that are conducted on their premises.
  • Fast and effective solutions instead of material replacements.

Why Choose Us


Commitment to solve customer’s problem.


Fast response.


Highly skilled technicians.


Excellent track record.

Industry Applications

Oil and Gas
Power Generation


Bolstering Pipeline and Equipment Integrity: In-Situ Machining

Elevate your project’s reliability with our In-Situ Machining Services. In-Situ Group of Companies brings precision, efficiency, and peace of mind to every job.