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Controlled Bolt Tightening

Controlled Bolt Tightening is the process of applying a known and calculated load to a mechanical joint to ensure joint integrity accurately.

In-Situ Precision Bolt Tightening Solutions for Critical Joints

Controlled Bolt Tightening is the favored approach for securing crucial joints, employing either Torque Tightening or Bolt Tensioning methods. The process ensures a leak-free start-up by precisely applying the necessary bolt load in a controlled fashion, aligning with joint design and operating specifications. In-Situ boasts a comprehensive inventory of bolt torquing and tensioning equipment, backed by technical support from esteemed partners in the USA and the United Kingdom. Beyond supplying a diverse array of tools, the company possesses a proficient team of seasoned operators, adept at delivering precision bolt tightening services across diverse industries in the region.

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  • Piping flange joint leaks.
  • Equipment flange joint leaks eg. heat exchanger flange leaks.
  • Valve bonnet, gland packing, pressure seal ring or body pinhole leaks.
  • Pipe joint leaks like elbow, tee, straight pipe, reducer, etc.
  • All types of welding failure that leads to leaks eg. pinhole, cracks, etc.
  • Casing pinhole, thinning pipe, etc.

Benefits of Controlled Bolt Tightening

  • Ensures joint integrity and leak-free start-up.
  • Provides uniformed bolt load.
  • Controls critical elements associated with bolted joint integrity.
  • Increases plant safety.

Industry Applications

Oil and Gas
Power Generation

Optimal Precision in Bolt Tightening:
Unveiling Our Exclusive Advantage

Type of Controlled Bolt Tightening

Hydraulic Torque Tightening
Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning
Pneumatic Torgue Tightening


Bolstering Joint Integrity: Controlled Bolt Tightening Excellence

Elevate your project’s reliability with our Controlled Bolt Tightening Services. In-Situ Group of Companies brings precision, efficiency, and peace of mind to every job.