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CTI Condenser and Heat Exchanger Tube Restoration Systems

CTI Industries is a service company base in Orange, CT USA specializes in the restoration of condensers and heat exchangers since 1976. CTI developed a tub repair technique that till today is recognized as the most widely used cost-effective system in the world.

Common tube failures:-

  • Tube-end erosion/corrosion
  • Stress corrosion cracking
  • Crevice corrosion
  • Localized pitting
  • Ammonia grooving
  • Reinforced tube-to-tube sheet joints

CTI Shield/Seals™

The CTI Shield/SealTM is a thin walled metallic tube insert made of highly durable alloys, from copper-based alloys to stainless steels to nickel-based alloys. Alloys for high temperature service is also available.

CTI Full Length Tube Liners™

The patented CTI tube liner was developed for units that suffer full-length erosion/corrosion, pitting, general wall thinning and/or an overage of plugged tubes.

Tubes I.D. are cleaned and the “Liners” (thin-walled tubes) installed. They are then hydraulically expanded in full length to intimate contact with the existing tubes. Finally, the Liners are cut, trimmed and roller expanded at the tubesheet areas, resulting in fully restored tubes.

The CTI Full Length Tube LinerTM is a cost effective solution to keep your exchanger running at maximum capacity!

Shield Installation

CTI Shield Installed

CTI Shield

CTI Liner

Liner Installation in progress

Shield installation in progress


  • Condensers and heat exchangers.
  • SHIELD / SEALS™ protects partial tube while LINERS™ protects the whole tube.
  • Protection from tube-end corrosion, crevice corrosion, localized pitting and other corrosion related defects.


  • Trademarked Shield and Full-Length Tuber Liner design.
  • The length can go up to 12-meters for Liners and 3-meters for Shield.
  • Have a variety of materials to choose from e.g. CuNI, Hastelloy, SS etc.
  • Repairs can be performed on site without transferring the equipment to a workshop or laydown area.


  • Significant energy savings.
  • Improves heat transfer efficiency.
  • Minimizes down time – repair can be done in 2-3 days.
  • Reduces labor & maintenance costs.
  • Equipment lifespan is extended up to 30 years.

Why Choose Us


Commitment to solve customer’s problem.


Fast response.


Highly skilled technicians.


Excellent track record.

Industry Applications

Oil and Gas
Power Generation


Bolstering Structural Integrity: CTI Condenser and Heat Exchanger Tube Restoration Systems

Elevate your project’s reliability with our CTI Condenser and Heat Exchanger Tube Restoration Systems. In-Situ Group of Companies brings precision, efficiency, and peace of mind to every job.