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We take pride in our ability to provide fast response to our clients. Our unwavering dedication is our signature value and reason for success, that is further reinforced by sound technical know-how, vast experience and proven track record.


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In-Situ personnel are quick to respond to feedback and take action on client’s needs and requirements.

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Best in-house technical support team.


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is a well established engineering solutions company that provides specialized services to the Oil and Gas Industry, Power Generation, Petrochemicals, Marine and Fabrication Workshops

We started operations in 2000. Our main office is located in Kuala Lumpur. We have branches strategically located amidst the center of industry activities in Terengganu, Johor, and Bintulu.

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What We Do

On-Line Leak Sealing

An on-line engineering solution that is able to stop almost any type of leakage under pressure .

In-Situ Machining

The machining process that can be performed on site.

Controlled Bolt Tightening

The process for correctly applying a known and calculated load to a mechanical joint to ensure joint integrity.

Oxifree Thermoplastic Coating

A protective solution for metal assets from corrosion and contamination.

Flange Management Services

A recognized technique for leak prevention in bolted flange assemblies.

On-Line Pipe Wrapping

A solution used for the reinforcement of defected pipe(s) due to the corrosion or thinning of pipe(s).

CTI Condenser and Heat Exchanger Tube Restoration Systems

Thin-walled metallic tubes that are inserted into condenser or exchanger tubes to form a protective layer to existing parent tubes. This system enables extension of equipment life.

Ultrasonic bolt measurement

Uses ultrasound that allows the user to see the real tension that the bolt retains after tightening.

The leader in solutions for process plants integrity

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