A combination of two SeaShield™ systems offering multiple levels of protection for submerged and shoreline pipelines.

Surface Preparation

  • Dry Abrasive Blast Cleaning Not Essential
  • Hand Tool Cleaning


The SeaShield 70/80™ System combines the strengths of the SeaShield 70™ System and SeaShield 80™ System components to create an adaptable system for the effective protection of submerged and shoreline pipelines, including beach outfalls/intakes and pipeline landfall.

The combined system comes in three variations depending on the level of protection required: A, B, or C.


  • System is resistant to: abrasion, impact, gouge and similar mechanical damage normally found in these environments.
  • Suitable for use in high and low temperatures
  • Resistant to water, acid, salts and soil organics
  • Resistant to cathodic disbonding
  • UV resistant
  • Easy and fast to apply, no mixing and messy clean up, with minimal requirements for specialist tools
  • VOC free
  • Can be applied underwater or to wet surfaces
Technical Data Sheet

Denso Paste S105

Denso Marine Piling Tape

Denso Glass Outerwrap

Denso Glass Outerwrap UV

Application Instructions

SeaShield 70/80 [Pipelines]

SeaShield 70/80 [Nodes]


SeaShield 70/80 System

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