A petrolatum tape system for the protection of above ground pipe and steelwork.

Surface Preparation

  • Hand Tool Cleaning


Denso Steelcoat 100™ System comprises an adhesive petrolatum primer (Denso Hi-Tack Primer™) an optional petrolatum paste compatible with damp surfaces (Denso Paste S105™) and a very adhesive petrolatum tape (Denso Hi-Tack™ Tape). For pitted or badly rusted structural steel and pipework applications Denso Hi-Tack™ primer and Tape are utilised in conjunction with a petrolatum mastic for sealing voids and fittings (Denso Profiling Mastic). For damp/low temperature pipework, pipe surfaces are first primed with Denso Paste S105™.

A mastic with additional insulation properties (Densofil™) is utilised to seal flanges and voids prior to tape wrapping.


  • Cold applied
  • Surface tolerant
  • Useful for damp/low temperature surfaces
  • Useful for pitted or badly rusted surfaces
  • Minimum surface preparation needed – hand tool cleaning only
  • Can be applied by hand or wrapping machine
Technical Data Sheet

Denso Hi-Tack Primer

Denso Hi-Tack Tape

Denso Paste S105

Denso Profiling Mastic

Application Instructions

Denso Steelcoat 100 IFU


WCD Steelcoat 100 System

WCD Steelcoat Systems

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