A heavy-duty butyl tape system for the protection of welded pipe joints.

Surface Preparation

  • Power Tool Cleaning


The Premier™ Butyl Tape System is designed to protect pipeline field joints from corrosion. The system covers the weld area and existing pipe coating on each side.

The system comprises a coat of Premier Butyl P16HT™ Primer followed by a spirally wrapped double layer of Premier S43™ Innerwrap and then a spirally wrapped double layer of Premier R23™ Outerwrap. Premier Butyl Mastic™ is also used to fill voids and smooth profiles before the tape wrapping commences.


  • High adhesion to steel
  • High impermeability to water vapour and oxygen
  • Excellent conformability
  • High resistance to soil bacteria and soil electrolyte
  • Low cost to maintain
  • High compatibility with existing systems
  • High adhesion between layers
Technical Data Sheet

Premier Butyl P16HT Primer

Premier Butyl S43 Innerwrap

Premier Butyl Mastic

Premier Butyl R23 Outerwrap

Application Instructions

Premier Butyl Tape IFU


WCD Protection of Buried Pipelines, Fittings and Specials

WCD Bitumen and Butyl Tape Systems

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