High performance, reinforced rubber bitumen tapes for below ground pipeline corrosion prevention.

Surface Preparation

  • Hand Tool Cleaning


Densopol Tapes are designed for application by hand or machine to buried or submerged pipelines for the protection of welded joints on coated pipe, bends, fittings and more.

Densopol Tapes comprise a synthetic fabric reinforcement coated with rubber bitumen adhesive compound and backed with a conformable PVC film. Due to its great flexibility Densopol 60 is used for wrapping small to medium diameter pipes, welded joints, bends and fittings, whereas the thicker Densopol 80 is used on larger diameter pipes. High temperature versions are also available (HT).

The extreme toughness is due to the combination of the heavy-duty PVC backing and the fabric reinforcement in the bituminous adhesive compound.


  • Cold applied
  • Tough protection
  • Different thickness options available
  • Can be applied by hand or machine wrapping
Technical Data Sheet

Densopol 60 Tape

Densopol 80 Tape

Denso Primer D

Densopol 60HT Tape

Densopol 80HT Tape

Application Instructions

WCD Densopol Tapes – IFU

Densopol & Densoclad Tapes

Denso T-Joint Wrapping Guide


WCD Densopol Tapes

WCD Protection of Buried Pipelines, Fittings and Specials

WCD Bitumen and Butyl Tape Systems Literature

  • Denso Application Machinery

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