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Location Malaysia
Agent In-Situ Maintenance Services
Products Viscowrap™ HT and Viscotaq™ PE Outerwrap
Date February 2024

A major oil and gas operator in Malaysia required an urgent pipeline repair for their refinery plant, where two small sections of pipe neededto be cut and replaced.

The client was looking for a solution to protect their pipes from harsh soil conditions which contained corrosive substances such as salts, acids, and moisture. In addition to this, the underground pipelines were also experiencing thermal expansion and contraction, ground movement, and other dynamic forces over time.

After Viscowrap™ HT and Viscotaq™ PE Outerwrap were selected due to their features & benefi ts, they engaged their in-house contractor to perform the job. Application training was provided by our Malaysian distributor, In-Situ Maintenance Services.

The Job was completed in less than a day and the client was very happy with the results.

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