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Location Johor, Pasir Gudang
Distributor In-Situ Maintenance Services
Products Steelcoat™ Tank Base Protection System
Date September 2023

The Johor Chemical Plant was facing corrosion issues on the annular plate base of an above ground storage tank. Despite multiple attempts at applying various corrosion prevention methods, the durability of these solutions had proven to be limited.

To address and mitigate the corrosion on the OD 49m Naptha tank base, the Plant selected the Denso Steelcoat Tank Base Protection System. This solution was chosen for its proven effectiveness in preventing corrosion and ensuring prolonged lifespan for the tank’s structural integrity.

Previously, wax tape was used but degraded under UV exposure and became brittle. After detailed research and consideration, the client chose the Steelcoat Tank Base Protection system for ultimate yet flexible protection against corrosion

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