Heavy-duty armouring offering mechanical protection against backfill for all types of Denso pipe coatings.


Denso Stoneguard is a flexible armouring which provides additional mechanical protection for coatings on metal pipelines where they are laid in rocky ground. Its diagonal mesh construction provides flexibility for easy application whilst ensuring maximum protection of the pipe coating against impact or indentation by rocky backfill. The open mesh exposes 70% of the coated pipe surface ensuring uniform passage of electrolyte and cathodic protection current avoiding any risk of cathodic shielding.


  • Heavy-duty pipe protection
  • Flexible
  • Easy to apply
  • Allows uniform passage of electrolyte through pipe for good cathodic protection
Technical Data Sheet

Denso Stoneguard 750

Denso Stoneguard 1200

Application Instructions

WCD Stoneguard


WCD Stoneguard

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