A two-part glass flake reinforced epoxy mastic coating system for the protection of above ground steelwork.

Surface Preparation

  • Power Tool Cleaning


Denso Steelcoat 700 System comprises a two part glass flake reinforced epoxy mastic coating (Denso S.T. Epoxy). A minimum of two coats is easily applied by brush or airless spray. Denso S.T. Filler is utilised to fill any voids, gaps or badly pitted areas.

Denso Steelcoat 700 System is used wherever steel grit blasting is not possible. It is ideal for applications such as structural steel, pipe externals, pipe racks, tanks, offshore platforms, locks, gates, and bridges.

When exposed to ultraviolet light a third coat of Urethane based material (Archco 65 Topcoat) is applied for extra protection to prevent chalking. Light colours of Denso S.T. Epoxy are recommended to ensure the epoxy is fully covered with the final Archco 65 Topcoat for optimum ultra violet protection.


  • Requires minimal surface preparation (SSPC-SP2/3)
  • Provides long term exterior protection
  • Excellent water/sea water resistance
  • Good resistance to acids and alkalis
  • Good flexibility, hardness and adhesion
  • Good impact resistance
  • Low VOC

WCD Steelcoat 700 System

WCD Steelcoat Systems

  • Denso Application Machinery

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