A butyl rubber profiling mastic, used with Premier Butyl Tape Systems, for moulding and filling irregular profiles.

Surface Preparation

  • Power Tool Cleaning


Premier Butyl Mastic is a cold-applied solvent-free profiling mastic. Used for the filling of cavities and pitting, and the profiling of weld beads and fittings on buried or above ground structures, steel pipes and more prior to overwrapping with the selected Premier Butyl System. Can be used in conjunction with Premier Butyl P16HT Primer.


  • Outstanding resistance to moisture
  • Non-hardening, permanently flexible
  • Excellent moulding and sealing properties
  • Contains no VOCs
  • Unaffected by water, mineral acids, alkalis and salts
  • No soluble constituents
  • High resistance to water absorption
Technical Data Sheet

Denso Premier Butyl Mastic

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