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On-Line Leak Sealing


On-Line Leak Sealing is a TEMPORARY measure to stop leaks on a FAILED system without shutting down or isolating the line, hence eliminating plant shutdown which can result in downtime and lost of production.

Type of leaks that can be sealed On-Line:

  • Flange
  • Valve gland packing
  • Bonnet
  • Valve pressure seal ring
  • Elbow
  • Pipe
  • Tee joint
  • Exchanger
  • Weld seam
  • Casting pinhole

All clamps are designed according to ASME Sec. VIII pressure vessel codes and fabricated to the highest standard. All materials hardware and sealing compound used conforms to client’s specific requirement.

Our collaboration with Universiti Tenaga Nasional (Uniten) in the clamp design program further enhances our technical superiority and reputation as the leader in leak sealing, thus strengthening the confidence among our clients.

STOPKIT® – the most convenient, efficient and economical on-line emergency repair method!

STOPKiT® is used for emergency repair on pin-hole leak for 4 to 56 inch diameter pipe size, with line pressure as high as 80 barg. Installation could be done without shutting the line pressure.

The system operates by concentrating all the needed stress at the defect location. The hoop stress needed to stop the leak is brought by the technical strap and the screws.

Thanks to its unique design, the STOPKiT® system is one of the most lightest and convenient on-line leak sealing product that seal leaks under pressure in few minutes.

This smart system patented by 3X Engineering allows fixing high pressure leaks with low tightening strength. For further information, please visit www.3xeng.com

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The leak is stopped by the compression of the flexible and deformable moulded compound.
Compression is obtained when the two half clamp is tightened.
Due to flexibility of the moulded compound, it can be fitted even on badly corroded pipes.

Steam, water, air, crude oil, hydrocarbon, acetaldehyde, ammonia, butane, ethylene, hydrogen, hydrogen sulphide, methane, methanol, nitrogen, phosphoric acid, propane, propylene, sulphur dioxide, toluene…and many more.

Re-useable clamp : Only replacement of moulded compound, which can be sold separately.
On-the-Shelf : Available as ‘Ready-To-Install’ product.
Easy Installation : No special tools required.
Economical : In-house installation without specialist engagement.

Product Origin : France.
Clamp Material : Cast Steel as per EN 10213 (ASTM A352)
Bolt / Nut Material : SA 193-B7 / SA 194-2H
Max. Pressure : 35 Barg
Max. Temperature : 160 °C
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