Petroseal Premould Clamp


On-the-shelf emergency leak repair clamp.


  • Cast mechanical clamp for emergency repair on straight pipes and elbow.

Why Customer Buy from Us

Safety records.

Reputable track records.

Consistent quality of products.

Over 40 years in leak sealing business.


  • Straight pipes and elbows from ¾” up to 6”.
  • Withstand pressure and temperature up to 35 Barg and 160 °C respectively.


Patented design by Petroseal, France.

Two-half cast steel clamp with a pre-mould compound.

Does not require compound injection.


  • Pre-mould compound can be replaced and the clamp is reusable.
  • On-the-shelf products that eliminates long clamp fabrication.
  • Minimal training on installation without a need to engage leak sealing specialist(s).

Uniqueness vs Competitors

  • One of its kind in the market.
  • Fast respond and delivery.
  • Clamp cast made in EU to ensure quality.

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