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Petroseal Premould Clamp


On-the-shelf emergency leak repair clamp.


  • Cast mechanical clamp for emergency repair on straight pipes and elbow.

Why Customers Buy from Us

Safety records.

Reputable track records.

Consistent quality of products.

Over 40-years in the leak sealing business.


  • Straight pipes and elbows from ¾” up to 6”.
  • Withstands pressure and temperature up to 35 Barg and 160 °C respectively.


Patented design by Petroseal, France.

Two-half cast steel clamp with a pre-mould compound.

Does not require compound injection.


  • Pre-mould compound can be replaced and the clamp is reusable.
  • On-the-shelf products that eliminates long clamp fabrication.
  • Minimal training on installation without a need to engage leak sealing specialist(s).

Uniqueness vs Competitors

  • One-of-its-kind in the market.
  • Fast response and delivery.
  • Clamp cast made in EU to ensure quality.

Customer Focused

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