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Oxifree Thermoplastic Coating


A protection solution for metal assets that safeguards from corrosion and contamination.


  • Non-bonding thermoplastic coating.
  • Apply by spraying onto complex geometry equipment.
  • Applicable on rotating equipment due to its non-bonding feature.
  • Can be treated as a protective coating for high value or sensitive equipment that are used for storage purposes .
  • Product can be re-used to minimize wastage.

Why Customers Buy from Us


More than 20-years of experience cemented in good reputation that is reflected in our quality, response time and commitment.


Safety records.


Reputable track records.


In-Situ’s consistent good reputation and proven track records.


  • Flanges, valves body, pipe support, electrical component and bearing housing.
  • On-line application.
  • Up to 80°C assets temperature.


Performed by well-trained and qualified applicators.

Equipment is ATEX/IECEx approved to be used at Zone I area.


  • Protects and prevents assets from further corrosion.
  • Reduces downtime – client is not required to shut down or isolate the assets.
  • Minimal surface preparation required.
  • Easy removal for inspection.
  • Protection up to 10 years.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Uniqueness vs Competitors

  • Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) to ensure work quality.
  • Professional technical support from principal.
  • Manpower competency.
  • Fast response time.
  • Quality assurance on job performed.
  • Material stock keeping.


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