JASABLE is a cloud-based flange integrity software that is equipped with Revolutionary Data Collection Technology.


  • JASABLE provides a complete feature in flange management system, maximizing the control of flange register – allowing for comprehensive and consistent operations of all flange activities for commissioning,operation and
    turnaround/shutdown applications.

Why Customers Buy from Us

Enable data analysis.

High traceability

Eliminate work redundancy

Improve data consistency

Prevent data manipulation


  • Can be used for all bolted flange connections.

Features & Benefits

On Site Data Collection allows for reduction in manhours and the remote monitoring gives the project owners the flexibility of monitoring work progress without being present on site.

Project Management includes the access to interactive dashboard; non-conformance record to capture non-compliance and monitor corrective actions; improve resource planning that increases efficiency.

Devise Integration (Phase II).

Cloud Based Mega Library allows all data to be stored on cloud built on industrial standards that are not editable nor manipulatable.

Quality Management that is built in with SOPs according to ASME PCC-1 that includes Personnel competency certification.

Tagging Identification.

Uniqueness vs Competitors

  • On-site and real time data collection by mobile device.
  • Flexibility in activity and inspection checklist customization.
  • User friendly.

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