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Flange Management Service


Flange Management is a recognized technique for leak prevention in bolted flange assemblies.


  • Flange management provides assurance to proper assembly and tightening of bolted joints during turnaround, shutdown, daily maintenance, construction process or any intervention that follows it.
  • In-Situ provides experienced planners and inspectors to execute flange management services associated with JASABLE flange management software, bolt load calculation software, tools and equipment to ensure the quality of FMS is upheld.

Why Customers Buy from Us


More than 20-years of experience cemented in good reputation that is reflected in our quality, response time and commitment.


Safety records.

Track Records

Reputable track records.


Consistent quality of products.


  • Can be used for all bolted flange connections.


Cloud base library – All data is stored in cloud e.g. flange, bolt, gasket, personnel, tools, history of activities and etc.

On Site data collection – Inspectors use explosion proof mobile device to collect data on site. All data collected is in digital form. Flange data can be retrieved using QR code.



  • Easy for data analysis, record keeping and traceability.
  • Time and labor cost saving – reduces paperwork.
  • Efficient & effective in data management.
  • Quality assurance with digitalized SOP as guideline.
  • Making it convenient for reporting and progress

Uniqueness vs Competitors

  • The entire flange management service is guided by the JASABLE flange management software to ensure data digitalization, traceability and quality assurance.

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