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DENSO Seashield™
Marine Systems


SeaShield offers the most comprehensive range of corrosion control systems for jetty piles and marine structures on the market.


  • Long term corrosion protection for offshore structures, marine structures, sheet piling, wood, concrete & steel piles that are round, square or hexagonal in shape.

Why Customers Buy from Us

Reputable track records

Consistent product quality and assurance

Over 50 years of experience in marine corrosion protection business


  • Marine splash zone areas
  • Immersed marine conditions
  • Can be applied on circular, square and hexagonal piles


Customized solutions for jetty piles and jetty legs with various materials (steel, concrete, wood)

Highly resistant to UV radiation

Inspection port to allow for rapid inspection of the substrate without removal of entire systems


  • Extremely surface tolerant
  • Can be applied over chloride contamination and thin layers of rust
  • Long term protection against corrosion
  • Cost effective

Customer Focused

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