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3X Stopkit


An on-the-shelf emergency leak repair kit.


  • Lightweight patch and belt design for easy application.
  • Stops pinhole leaks for pipes and elbows from 4″ up to 54″ diameter.

Why Customers Buy from Us

Safety records.

Consistent quality of products.

Reputable track records.

Reputable brand.


  • Straight pipes and elbows from 4” up to 54” diameters.
  • Pinhole leaks up to 50 mm hole diameters.
  • Withstand pressure up to 80 Barg and temperature up to 80 °C.


Patented design by 3X Engineering, Monaco.

Stops leaks in less than 5 – minutes.

Repairs can be performed online without shutting or isolating the line.

Lightweight, hence making it easy for diver(s) to perform the job.


  • Lightweight, hence no additional load on pipes.
  • Long shelf-life – 5 years.
  • Most economical online solution for pinhole leakage.
  • Minimal training on installation.

Uniqueness vs Competitors

  • One-of-its-kind in the market.
  • Fast response and delivery.
  • Does not incur additional stress on existing pipe(s) due to its lightweight design.
  • Quality assurance on jobs performed.

Customer Focused

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